This ain't summer

Buenos dias

The good old southerly is blowing early at 20 knots. That doesn’t make for great surfing. The sky was deep tones of grey, sometimes even sprinkling. Maybe the odd down pour today…

It’s 1 foot. Sorry I mean 2 foot, flimsy, weak and a little wobbly with some morning junk on it. Good if you’re just starting out in the sport of surfing. The swell source is NE, now that’s no good for Bondi.

The south swell comes back tomorrow – so we should see an improvement then.

The Anchor

8 is a lucky number for the Chinese. At 8 Campbell Parade Bondi a few mates have opened a bar and restaurant. Think margaritas, seafood and tequila. It’s called The Anchor and has been packed since the doors opened a few weeks ago. It’s the old Hungry Czech, yeah that’s right, just under Noah’s Backpackers. It’s small ‘n’ local and open quite late (1am). I’d encourage you to drop by this summer…

Hasta luego :: u g e

Bondi. The old blue building


Mal hooks

Bondi 7am, little morning bump

Morning jogger

9 thoughts on “Buenos dias

  1. See you’ve got an ad for The Anchor, reminds me I forgot to say great dinner there last week with you guys!
    Oh, and how come there are no great surfing shots today?…;)

  2. Summer is so 90s. This is the ‘Wet Season’. Did’ncha hear? Climate Change has moved the Tropics south a few notches of latitude. Start planting bananas. ‘Bondi Bananas has a sorta ring to it.

  3. Love your photo’s!! 🙂
    Wish you would start doing calenders!!
    Not has room for a coffee table books, although I think yours is amazing but a calender would be great!
    Anyway, something to consider!!
    Happy holidays

  4. Been checking this site out for couple years now, love your work. Everyday is differnet, i reckon you still do well even when the weather isnt that good. ‘LEKKER’ in the bike pic is a Dutch word and it means nice/ awesome….must be a bike from Amsterdam…. thanks for your great pics and my mates in Holland check your site out and they love it. We are so lucky to live in this beautyfull country, see ya pete

  5. Look at that! A traditional dutch bike @ Bondi. Good job getting some good shots even with this weather.
    “Lekker” means nice/good btw.

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