Hawaii, Oahu - Self portrait in the kitchen mirror

S h a k a

Aloha. Looks like some swell coming in the next few days so I opted to shoot non-surfing stuff today. You’re gonna get enough surfing action…don’t fret. I reckon the Volcom Pipe Pro may kick off tomorrow as well. Loads of hot surfing talent around – just look in any direction and someone is doing an air or sumpin’. You’ll be able to watch it live here

Legend Tony Hawk skated the Bondi bowl yesterday. Watch

Also, our little buddies out Corona took Taylor Steele to the Mentawais on a boat trip – watch

Nuff said. Happy ‘STRAYLA day for tomozza. Great ya flag out and get freaky.

Mahalo :: uge

P.S. I am not revealing where I am staying, exactly, in Hawaii. C’mon, there is nearly 100,000 of you readers including the facey peeps!

The waves are one thing, the light here is another...

Hippie wheels (love the generator out back)

Waimea Bay, Jump rock

Everyone drives a pickup. Need a ladder to get into it.

Hawaii - Offshore tradesq

This is how the day ended last night, gold (again)

7 thoughts on “S h a k a

  1. Flip those photos look awesome – time to marry the American girlfriend I think and move over there!

    In the mean time I will make do with freezing my @rse off in Devon in a 5/4/3 and hood… 🙁

  2. … buying the next flight ticket to get there! Congrats Uge, definitely a “hUge”talent artist!

    best regards, from Portugal

  3. I used to jump off that rock when I cut school with a friend who had a car back in 1962 . Those were fun days. I still have a soft spot for Hawaii.

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