It's big. Real big...and gettin' bigger by the hour...


Aloha…last night at 10pm it was 2 foot. Yep. Dos. The calm before the rogue storm. By midnight you could hear sets crumbling out the back. By sunrise it was 4-6 foot with 8 foot sets. At this point I took some photos…the Pipe Pro was called off as the forecast was showing an even more dramatic increase as the day progresses. Right now 3rd reef is not just breaking – but I just saw 1 long wave break from Rockies to Pipe on Thirds. The jet skis are picking up the lost hellman stuck in torrents of water and the spectators at Pipe are copping the odd rinsing as the water rushes up on the beach. It’s big, but still not big enough for the Eddie.

The Pipe Pro will run tomorrow (most likely)…that is if it calms down  –  it’s maxing right now and the wash through sets from thirds ruin all the fun.

On another note, you can now attend surfing’s biggest night out – the ASP World Surfing Awards held on the Gold Coast. It’s on Thursday 23rd Feb at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre – BUY TIX and see the crowning of the champ.

Adios :: uge

Hawaii - heavy wipeout...reef is about waist high deep there on the inside

Trade wind take off, Pipeline, Hawaii

A nervous moment before paddle out, say your prayers

Just 1 board ain't enough...j.O.B broke 3 in 1 hour once...

The truth lies behind the curtain...

Kuhuku Shack, Hawaii

10 thoughts on “Maxed

  1. great shots uge and woudn’t you just love a shack like that at Bondi – forget the 7.5m hermetically sealed apartments!

  2. Hey Uge, Nice little promo on balls of steel Australia tonite… I hope u have ur 8ft gun for that surf… the 2nd guy needs Scuba gear…!

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