A rare empty moment at Pipeline.


Today’s first pic above sums up Hawaii for me. A nice crispy clean wide open barrel, warm water, tropical palm trees, huge mountains in the back ground, beautiful light…ah yes, there is nothing better than Hawaii. The only thing missing is the huge wolf pack at Pipe fighting for a set. This is a freak moment at Pipe. I was floating with 70 others at the time of shooting this pic – I have no idea why it looks so deserted as this is the main peak. And no, I didn’t spend hours photoshopping them all out!

Sadly today is the last post from ‘The Rock’. We’re coming home to Bondi so summer had better welcome us back – none of this torrential rain. It’s been a fantastic month here – waves every single day of this trip. In between the cracks of A-Class breaks there’s plenty to surf with relatively small crowds. You need lots of patience to surf breaks like Waimea, Pipeline, Off the wall – budget 1 wave every 1-2 hours. Go searching and you will find a neat little peak on the golden 7 mile. Also…the Hawaiians are super friendly…I get asked about them all the time. They’re big on etiquette, paddle the inside or get in the way trying to scramble for the shoulder and someone will probably have words. Show respect and patience and all will be fine. The standard of surfing here is incredible.

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Jon Jon Florence won the Volcom Pipe Pro. Watch

Mahalo :: uge

Pipeline, intimidating spot to be in

The pack

A Pipeline green curtain

Over the shoulder, nice bomb set

Even on the small days a solid set will roll through

Bodysurfer gliding in

27 thoughts on “sayonara

  1. Wow Uge…some goodies…just a little jelly, we’ve had 3 days of ugly cold rain in the bubble….bring summer back w ya mate Yeeww!!!

  2. ‘ a rare empty moment ‘ is one of the best wave shots I have ever seen , well done . This shot is the dream , perfect wave , warm days , excitement , love it.

  3. Thanks for the shedload of inspiring shots. Hope you’ve stored some to pepper through the Bondi pics you’ll be getting on your return.

  4. this has got to be my fave collection of photos this week!!!!!! love it.. can you release a book with all your pics from hawaii? id buy it for sure!!! 🙂

  5. Good to see the body surfers get a mention from time to time!
    keep up the good work
    there will be a group from Bondi going over to Point Panic in June 2012 for our annual migration away from the winter.

  6. I’m going to Hawaii for the first time in a few weeks. Your updates have made me more and more excited! cheers for local tips too! fingers crossed I win the turtle bay accomo package….

  7. That first shot is amazing, but on close inspection its a shame the backdoor lip has interfered with the view straight through the barrel. Its an all time shot. I myself would photoshop the beach and trees in, but I know thats against Aquabumps ethos. Still, great shot Eugene.

  8. Now is this bodysurfer just a photographer taking advantage of a good wave left unattended….hope you’re getting a bit of that action Uge !! Best week ever of Aquabumps.

  9. The body surfing shot will make Garry “B” of Bondi very happy He also claims you will not photograph his early morning “skillfull” body surfing

    Pete R

  10. Hey Uge,

    That 1st one is gold. Memories of a Dean Wilmot photo taken about a decade ago and was used by Rip Curl I think as their The Search ads. Well done bud, might have to make an addition to the lounge room wall with that one.

  11. Rare empty moment.

    With the quality you produce each day it’s hard to believe you can do better. But then you show us this. You’ve stepped it up, once again. Pour yourself a drink man. You deserve it.

  12. wish i was there (with or without pink floyd). fully expecting to win the comp for 1 week stay at paradise. thanks for the great photos; they make my heart sing.

  13. Uge how’s it? AWESOME shots bro. I was staying next to you for a couple week’s with my budy Mark. Nice to meet you and safe travels back to Bondi.

  14. I have been a keen aquabumps follower for about 4 years now and I honestly think these are the best pictures I have seen, go uge:….. I must go to Hawaii now!

  15. A lot of people like that top shot which is great… but as an experienced water photog myself I gotta say I am a bit blown away by “A Pipeline green curtain”… you caught the sun cutting through the back of the wave utterly perfectly. The compiosition as a whole is very very good too. Clone that little bump out in the bottom left and IMO you have a marvelous gem. I live in USA but if I could I would love to see how a very large print of that hanging in your gallery looks.

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