Harries setting up for the day


Hey there. Nothing really amazing down the beach this morning. The sunrise was smothered with thick dark storm clouds that finally cleared around 8:30am. There are fun(ish) little 3 footers around, Bondi looked messy and barely anyone out, whilst around the corner looked better.

Tomorrow is going to be a really nice day. Perfectly sunny and 24. I look forward to that. Swell is going to evaporate tonight and the weekend will be tiny.

Have a nice day, uge

Surf journo Jed Smith, nice roundie

Morning dip in the boogie hole

Bronte, decent left

Flat righthander with North Bondi in the background

Bronte, 7:30am

The left that goes no where

5 thoughts on “Vanilla

  1. Uge, hi. I am a new (only two days) subscriber to your fantastic site and I’m hooked already. i’m going to pass on your daily web page log on to my 14 year old daughter as I know this will give her inspiration for her photo media course at school.

    Meny thanks Huxie (Emu Plains)

  2. Love the Bronte 7.30 shot uge-wonderful composition and movement. Sublime… please don’t ever give it up, cheers up us soggy brits no end!!

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