Droplet surfers


In between rain squalls I took some photos down the beach this morning. Sometimes I only got 10 minutes reprieve to stick a lens out and try and some snap some gold for you. One of those downpours was like standing under a water fall. Heavy. My car is sparkling clean though…with all that crusty salt sand blasted off. Best car wash in town, save myself 60 bones.

The stormwater outlet at South Bondi is working overtime. Yummy! Nice thick brown sludge spewing into the line-up. Don’t drink the water today if you’re out surfing, your hair may also change colour tomorrow. So if you don’t mind a bit of brown water there actually some fun little 3 footers available. You’ll score it mostly to yourself. Hit it.

Over :: u g e

Stormwater outlet at South Bondi spewing out the brown

Yummy, check out that nice brown leakage

Lone wolf on the Icebergs right

Bird man

Groms having a dig at the lefts

The line up is all yours today

17 thoughts on “Monsoon

      1. I reckon you will get more than a ear ache out there today. Go have a look at what is coming out of that storm water pipe right now…reminds me of the Bali rivers mouths.

      1. do the tobacco companies tell them to drop there butts on the floor and tell them its ok the whole world is your ashtray.

        Andrew clueless statement

      1. ain’t no way those butts are going anywhere….what have you been smoking

        littering and polluting the ocean isn’t a joke…brother!

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