3-4 foot at Bondi today


Well look at that…an Aquabumps update being posted out at 3pm. Now that’s late. Back in the old days that used to be a common occurrence before we became the well-oiled machine that we are today. Where have I been? Well I found myself wondering the streets of the city around 9am, wearing a collar of all things. Won’t make a habit of that. The parking fee of $47 for 1 hour and 2 minutes will surely keep me on the coast (at least Bondi is only $22 for a couple of hours)

Today’s pictures were shot from bus shelters, peoples balconies, the back seat of the van…anything to keep dry. The great news is that there are waves. Good, clean ones. 3 foot this morning and bigger around the corner as there is some east in it.

Sydney weather sure is psycho at the moment, sunny one minute, torrential the next. It should improve from here on.

The Layne Beachley Classic is on today at Dee Why…watch it live

Adios :: uge

Bondi, 7:00am Storm finners

Wonder when the next squall is gonna hit

Little right hander in the south corner

The wiggles

John, you've crossed the line this time

Making the most of a smaller one

7 thoughts on “Shelter

  1. Ha yes agreed, the Wiggles is quality.

    “John, you’ve crossed the line” is a great photo and made all the better by the witty title.

    Love your work Uge…….

  2. Love the Wiggles comment! Great shots. Used to live in Bondi and I think it is my favourite place in the World so it is so lovely to see it everyday through your eyes..

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