Bronte, a rare hollow section presents


This week it looks like our planets are aligning…oh boy, it’s good.

To start with the weather is immaculate, sunny, clear and the next three days will soar to 25 degrees. Not bad for this time of year. Ok, she’s a little chilly at the start/ends of the day…but at least the water is a balmy 19/20.

The East swell currently in town is so fine. It’s consistent, waves are 4-5 foot and the East direction supplies most of Sydney’s bays. Definitely go for a drive and you will score. South and North coasts will be on fire. If I wasn’t about to embark on a Indonesian junket, I’d be chasing uncrowded peaks out of town – for sure.

Immersion Tour

Tim Bonython is hitting the road touring his latest collection of surfing films around this country with 12 shows. The Australian Surf Movie Festival arrives in Bondi this Thursday night, showing at North Bondi RSL at 8pm. Buy tickets online now and save. Click here

I am selling a whole raft of camera gear that take these daily photos. Bodies, big lens, little lenses, extenders, water housings…it’s all here on ebay.

Bye :: oggie

Sets, stacked.

6:45am Tamarama cliff sunrise

I've looked at this one for ages, which way would you go?

A left with plenty of meat

T-Bay, Pink A-Frame

A talented lensman, Trent Mitchell looking lost down at Bondi this a.m.

10 thoughts on “Alignment

    1. Hey Nig, yep, next month Mentawais, but in Bali next week for a bit.
      Best time of year up there! I am getting itchy feet. uge

  1. I would have Frank The Tank’s babies. That guy is a real sweat heart and a great catch. Nice pecs too.

    1. Wow, that’s love for ya. You’d better buy the framed pic of him so you can look at those pecs all day long.

  2. hi my names shaylee and im a year 12 student studying media. for a project peice i am doing photography of a beach in melbourne. your shots are exactly what i would like to interpret. may i please have the first and last name of the photographer of these photos and may i please use these photos in my portfolio as inspiration?
    if you have any other images like these i would love to have a look.

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