Golden light, shadow play, Icebergs Ramp

Back in Bondi

I am back in Bondi…for a bit…returning from my Indonesian junket.

The temperatures have dropped a lot in Sydney whilst I was away. Fresh mornings!

If you like surfing 2-3 foot Bondi, alone. Today is for you. Barely anyone surfing and relatively empty beach this morning. Waves weren’t quite lining up perfectly, but worth getting wet for sure. Bronte I hear was better. The swell is from the South, as is the wind.

It’s Monday, so I won’t keep you for long as you’re probably wearing the serious work hat…but here is some random bits:  We are about to hit 50,000 fans on Facey, and proud of it. We like you too! Hope you read about Aquabumps on the cover of Smarter Business this month. Here is the video version. Hope you didn’t miss our videos from New Zealand – Part 1 and Part 2. The Aquabumps Gallery is open 7 days – that means today we are here 10am to 6pm 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Telephone 02 9130 7788.

Have a great week :: uge

Morning left, before the sun came out. Bondi 7:30am

Gold plated shoreline

Yep, Bondi Beach

Just as the sun broke through

Empty Lefts out front, Bondi 7:40am


5 thoughts on “Back in Bondi

  1. Wow all i can say is wow. Australia has many beautiful sites, we have the Snowy Mountians, The twelve Apostles, Uluru, and even surfers paradise. but when it all comes down to it i am glad that i only live three hours away from such a beautiful iconic landmark such as bondi beach. It has been many many many a year since i have walked the shores of the world famous nudist beach. The earliest memory i have is i was a little girl and the beach was packed to the brim with holiday makers, people selling ice cream, and families out for a good time. I had lost my mother in the big crowds and asked a topless woman for dicrections. When i did find mum with the woman mum got up me for asking a topless woman to find her. Mum needed to lighten up that day. We used to stay in Rooty hill to head out to wonderland but there wasnt a day that we wouldnt as a family go and make a trip to bondi. By the looks of it this morning the light was hitting her in just the right way to show her beauty off this morning. thanx for the pics

  2. Jean… rad story. did you get her number?

    Hey Uge, saw you on Bondi Hipsters. Does that mean your a hipster now?!

  3. These are wonderful. They bring back so much for me – I can smell the salt and hear the surf and feel the wind on my face. I hope to get down to the beach [not far from here] one more time. Thank you.

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