Monster chunks at Bondi, circa 7am today

Bondi Chunks

This must be the 50 year storm that Bodhi (Point Break) has been talking about.

Sydney was turned upside down last night. Roofs ripped off, garage doors flying down the street, trees blown over and the emergency services have been working through the night.

Even Gould Street Bondi has been closed for 14 hours as the roof and front wall above Tuchuzy/Religion has come crumbling down.

The swell has come up….but I’ve seen it bigger than this. It’s around 8 – 10 foot, but seriously angry. I reckon your board would blow out of your hands if you tried to make it out. That’s if you didn’t get sucked out to New Zealand via one of the many rapid rips. All the beaches have sand beyond the break walls, surely, I mean surely there has to be some banks after all this rearrangement.

Apparently 1 dude before sunrise tried to paddle out at Bondi. Mini mal and all…what was he thinking?

Please share your storm experiences here below.

Adios :: uge

Swim anyone? Bondi Icebergs

Bondi 7:20am Manky left rolling into the Icebergs pool

Even the birds are making a run for it.

Photographers outlook

Brief glimpse of sun light this morning around 7:40am

43 thoughts on “Bondi Chunks

  1. To say I’m disappointed at the lack of a CRAZY EYED individual preparing to tackle the beastly swell is an understatement!

    1. To say im disapointed at the lack of shots of the waves on a morning where there are many is an understatement.

  2. The washer in my shower is not fixed properly and the dripping noise kept me up all night. When I got up this morning there was a trickle of water running down the drain in the bath. To sum it up it was a sleepless night and i woke up to mass devastation in my bathroom. I just hope the day gets better now!

  3. Come over and see what is left of Coogee Beach. Not much. Wylies and the Ladies bathes have vanished. Wedding Cake is pumping. Awesome!

  4. No mileage on the clock to go and find a break working? (heard Lurline Bay was working)
    None of the regular rippers in the challenging surf?

    Agree with previous posts – there’s been such a build up to this swell coming and now a lack of photos or even surfers – Bodhi come back!

    1. Agreed. the hype on this has been huge and its PUUMPING.

      scope the vid of deadmans on coastalwatch. such warrioirs.

  5. Hey Uge,
    big surf, only if conditions were better, great pics as usual.
    Hopefully surf is better for the weekend

  6. Surf was too Big/Messy this morning for Clovelley/Coogee / Bronte / Weddingcake and presumably Bondi – Deadmans was about the only break with enough shelter to be worth a go – hence north Shore located photogs would have had the advantage.

    Luckily you are are all welcome to point your browsers where you will….

    UGE – Disappointed that you were not at Deadies in the water – getting that inside barrel shot 😉

  7. As always I am thoroughly impressed with all your most educating comments and how you get so pumped up about my humble website.Thank you.

    Yes, north side looks like its hosting the best waves today.

    Oh well, can’t be everywhere I guess.

    Every break has its day. Eastern suburbs doesn’t have much on offer today.

    One question, so many Hellmen getting angry at their keyboards today on aquabumps. Why are you not surfing deadmans 8-10ft?

      1. Hey Uge, not writing off but im sure a fair bit of your mortgage (sweet pad BTW) has been paid by the advertising (disclosed or not) on your ‘free’ blog mate. Dont reckon you run the land rover adds just cause you like the way the car looks.

        1. G’day Johno,

          Sure we do bring in some income from advertisers which offset a small portion of the costs of running the daily blog and email, but it runs at a loss. I can’t begin to explain how much it costs to run and how much time it takes to operate (with a few staff as well). I don’t really know anyone that has a ad revenue model that has daily content that makes $. I do this for passion, the blog that is. Always have. I love shooting pics and sharing them with you all. I am very grateful that you guys all stop by here…thanks! So yes, my blog is free for you guys (no subscription fees) which over the 13 years has been very tempting to change when I was living broke…remember, I’ve only had sponsors for 2 of the past 13 years of operation! Oh and I did once work in a big agency, a life time ago, where I did make coin (and worked 20 hours a day).

          Anyway, probably too much info for you all.

          Have a great day, uge

  8. What’s with the mutherf#$#rs crashing the vibe in here today? Go and complain about your own miserable lives instead of winging about a dude who gives us all free photos daily!

  9. If the water temperature was a little warmer i’d be out there. Surfing in a wetty gets me all stiff and its uncomfortable when paddling!

  10. Wish there could be some daredevil surfers out there for you to take some pics of. BTW nice day!

  11. Today’s sea not even close to the conditions Bondi copped on mothers day 1996.
    The fishing boats up on the path and ramp at ben buckler were washed into the sea. Some ended up in front of the surf club and some were never seen again. A couple of boulders were moved up from the waters edge at flatrock up to the spot where the rope climbers set up and the kids pool in the northen corner was covered by two meters of sand.

  12. Let’s keep this simple people, Twitter is for whiners, this blog is for checking out photos that Uge kindly lets us see for free and on a daily basis. If you want more in your life, go do something.
    Uge, keep up the great work.

  13. Hey Uge,

    Don’t get disheartened by people like Johno. You know you’re successful when people start hating!

    Speaking on behalf of my entire office, we love your work and blog. It gives people something to look forward to in the morning and brings happiness to thousands of people. It has inspired me to find a creative outlet and start an entrepreneurial venture part-time also, which has the potential to change my life. It gives me hope that I can find a balance between passion and work.

    My life would be a lot worse without your inspiring work so keep it up. I hope you go global and make hundreds of million from your work!


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