Mentawai Islands, Nathan Foster locked in

Air Strike

We cruised the Tengirri back up the island chain for a change of scenery and came across 5 of the hottest young aerialists competing for a cool 50 grand. Yep, 50 gees to pull off the most rad air whilst on their boat trip to the Mentawais. Chippa Wilson, Jon-Jon, Ryan – they were all there and puttin’ us to shame. It was incredible to match the perfect waves to hot talent.

Hope all is well back home. We’ve been pretty much disconnected with the rest of the world for over a week now, that feels a little strange…I have no idea if you have swell or weather back in Bondi.

Back soon :: uge

Jon Jon Florence, one of the best tube riders on the planet

For 50 grand worth trying airs


Take off


Matt Griggs, not too shabby in the tube either

8 thoughts on “Air Strike

  1. Hi Uge the sun has been shinig since Sunday and looks to continue all week. Will let the surfers comment on the swell……… the irish turned out in force on Saturday in the Pavilion to listen to readings from James Joyce’s Ulysses at the annual Blooomsday event. Good to see the pav being used for such a fun thing. best lenore

  2. greetings from switzerland..
    Finner is amazing…. how many pics did you reel off? hope you set up a special gallery for this sesh…

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