Ben Buckler Boom!


Big is not always best…especially around here with the lack of reef breaks.

The swell increase has arrived right on time, sets peaking around double head high, but it’s all over the shop.

Bondi, of course, is not surfable. A few body surfers swam out the back, but I didn’t see them do much.

It’s windy today, 20-25 knots of southerly. It’s also very cold because of that wind. Max 16.

Thursday – Big, but still windy
Friday – head high – head’n’half still with Southerlys
Saturday and Sunday – head high with cleaner conditions, SW winds

Out :: uge

Big crumblers out the back of Bondi this morning


Bay froth

Big chunky left in the bay

Slow shutter calm

3 thoughts on “Rogue

  1. Big might not always be best but it sure makes for a beautiful shot:-)

    I’ve been down the beach the past few mornings and it’s stunning. The water is warmer than land:-)

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