Winkipop, Victoria | Morning light on a glassy right


I reckon Bondi would be pretty small today. When I saw a bit of swell heading towards Victoria I thought I’d come down and shoot a few shots of Bells and Winkipop, just outside of Torquay. Haven’t been here in 12 years. The forecasted swell arrived, well most of it, it’s only getting bigger as the day progresses. Some of the local fellas reckon Joanna’s would be 15 foot right now.

Bells was working, bit burgerish, admittedly on the high tide…head’n’ half. Winkipop was the go, that wave is fun. Winki is just next door to Bells, close enough to switch breaks mid-surf. Winki has a long winding wall, it’s a right and hidden down the bottom of a big hill, protected from the icy wind. This morning it was glassy and the swell was lining up really well. Love to hang around and catch it on a lower tide today, but gotta fly home to Bondi as this same swell is coming up!

Torquay is such a cool little surf town. Very clean and friendly. It’s where all the big surfbrands have their head offices and flagship mega stores.

I’d also like to say it’s just as cold as Sydney down here (on the land). Ok, 12-14 degree water is real cold so you will need a hood, booties, gloves and thick steamer. Pretty hard to pick your mates in the line up – as everyone looks the same, white board, all black.

Surf should be good tomorrow in Sydney. Don’t forget the Aquabumps Gallery is now open Mondays (every day) 10-6.

:: uge

Bells Beach Milkshake

Long period swells with long walls, oh yeah

Winkipop, Golden Pocket, 8am this morning

Winkipop this morning around 8am

Goldy walls

Bells Beach, Off to work - 1 hour's drive to Melb's city

12 thoughts on “Torquay

  1. Mick Fanning was out at Bells today as well…

    Uge, glad you get down our way, saw on Twitter that you made it to “Steps” as well, a prettty special break.

    1. Fanning – really? Didn’t see him around. He’s good at Bells. Damn, that swell came right up just as I had to head to the airport. Duh! Was tracking that swell for a couple of weeks and came a bit later than predicted. cheers, uge

  2. Morning! I love your daily pictures and you always make me smile when you suggest that water 15c is coldI live in Dartmouth in South Devon in the UK and we are very lucky if it tops that by the end of the summer! Have fun all.

  3. These shots sir….so great.

    I’m in LA and seeing these just now made a rubbish day great for me.

    Some of the best ever.

    Well done.

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