North Bondi SLSC demolition


There is swell but it’s horribly onshore. Bondi was a frothing mess at sunrise today. Pass.

There is quite a bit more East in the swell today, but the nemesis SSE wind is flanking, roughening up anything that you’d want to ride.

Tomorrow the winds will lighten and the swell increase. But Wednesday onwards we return to northerlies, that should clean the beach up.

This week marks the landmark demolition of the ugliest building in Australia – the almighty North Bondi SLSC. The club was established in 1904 and is one of the most prominent structures on our 900 metre shoreline. Architects Durbach Block Jaggers have come up with a more aesthetically pleasing structure that’s hopefully got a bigger bar than the last clubhouse. I know they’re still trying to raise money to complete the build…a few million in fact, so get involved.

Have a good week – work now, surf Wednesday/Thursday. Don’t forget our Aquabumps Gallery is open Mondays (that’s today!)

Ciao :: uge

Lee, everyday bodysurfing

Morning swimmers, North Bondi

Concrete mobile

Follow the light

Bondi Pavilion

Didn't realise the wind was so strong this morning

9 thoughts on “Bondeye

    1. Gladiator Lee Hutchings. He must be feeling his age lately. It use to be just sluggos even in winter. Not bad going for a 70 year old. Shows up us woosie youngsters!

  1. The Shadows on that cgi film reel for the new club house are totally off! They have the sun setting over the ocean!

  2. Thanks, Uge. Apart from the great pics, your site keeps me up to date with local news. Stunning that “Norths” is gone. And a pic of Lee (Hutchings). Unbelievable he’s still “doing it”. Great musician and brother of all-time Bondi SBLSC legend Brian.

  3. How can North Bondi SLSC be established in 1904 if Bondi SBLSC was the first club and was established in 1908?

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