Today's got good clean waves, get going

Heavy Fog

No two mornings are the same. I guess that is what draws me back down there every day after so many years.

Yesterday I couldn’t even get out of the car as the rain blanketed down. This morning a thick fog smothered Sydney, making it hard to see what’s going on out the back.

One thing is for sure, there’s waves beyond the fog. Plenty. It’s from the East-South-East and Maroubra was lovin’ it. Sets around head and a half. It’s also clean as the winds a gentle and offshore. Hang on, it’s also perfectly sunny and going to hit 20 degrees today. What more could you ask for? I am outta here…

:: uge

Sets. Maroubra

Dropping into a dunny bowl corker

An aqua bump

Maroubra, can just see the surf club

Where is the peak?

Foggy lefts at Maroubra

9 thoughts on “Heavy Fog

  1. I LOVE today’s images Uge, esp Pic 1 & the aqua bump so thank you 🙂 I swam at Bronte this morning and the water temp was fab…

  2. Stunning pics today Uge. Rare too. I particularly like the turquoise wave in the fog. As always, THANKYOU!

  3. pic 1, the guy on the shoulder knows that the next one – the bigger one – is his. we know this don’t we.

  4. really different images today Uge, its interesting how the lack of other stuff hidden by the fog really adds some drama – loving shot 1

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