Bondi beach town under colour

1st light

Not a bad week to be running around the beaches with a camera. Some decent moments worth capturing. This morning’s focus is on the sunrise, which splurged colour across our skies around 6:30am. There are waves as well, smaller than yesterday and still coming from a ESE direction. North winds all day, making it clean, but weak.

My theory is that you get good sunrises just before it rains. The clouds show warning of darker times approaching. It’s not a scientific theory, but 10 bones says it will rain sometime in the next 24 hours.

The swell will drop tomorrow and barely be surfable. Fortunately, a backup swell will arrive on Saturday and peak on Monday. That’s good.

Ok, nice chattin’ – back to work :: uge

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Turn left at the trees

Bondi Beach, 6:40am as the sun edges over the hill

Tamarama, Jed Smith

Morning light, worth getting up early for

9 thoughts on “1st light

  1. There’s an old saying that goes something like this –
    ‘Pink sky in the morning – Uge’s warning’ ‘Pink sky at night – Uge’s delight!’

  2. In my mind you took these especially beautiful shots this morning just for my birthday, so thanks Uge!!! I always love getting your shots from home!!

  3. Think your camera clock is out. Sunrise isn’t until 6:50 these days. Takes bit to get over Ben Bulker too.

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