18 year old Narrabeen surfer Jamaica Evans (been surfing 2 yrs)

16 secs

Some really good surfing went down at Bondi this morning on our left. I think it’s hard to ride with unpredictable sections and back wash…but fun.

The swell period leaps to 16 seconds today. That should bring some power and size (hopefully). Also the winds should calm down and swing more to the SW. That sounds good. Clean it up a little.

This Thursday I am shooting at Bondi from the bird for RU OK? Day between 6:00am – 8:30am. We’re looking for crew to create a giant spelling of ‘RU OK?’ on the beach as I hover above, 300 feet up. More

Seeyouselater:: uge

Bronte's Azza Graham on the ripbowl


Chris Friend, forehand

Jamaica Evans

Chris Friend, big floater

Maroubra's Blake Thornton, fresh from Mex, on the tear

6 thoughts on “16 secs

    1. Hi Uge

      Love to be in R U OK symbol. See u there. Any particular dress ? or are we naked! Only kidding its another guy that does that!

  1. second photo of the ripbowl, siiiiiick!
    on its own, dunno if many would beleive its bondi
    looks like a dredgey reef set up

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