Visitors to the bay this morning

Dolphin Stampede

How about that huge pod of dolphins in the bay this morning. Really quite something. Sets stood tall out the back and Dolphins torpedoed to the beach. The pod hung around all morning freaking out the odd surfer.

The waves have come up but it looks like a flimsy wind swell. Nothing special. I’d stick to what you’re doing.

North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club are rebuilding, we all know that. Building ain’t cheap and they’re still raising funds. A rare opportunity has opened up to join the club through an Associate Membership. They’ve released 50 memberships only. If you’re interested, go here

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Bondi 7am, Mondrian lefts

Who's eating chips on the beach

He might only have one wing, but still surfs good. Glenn Orgias


14 thoughts on “Dolphin Stampede

  1. I bet you were happy having brought the big toy instead of that phone today…. thanks for the great dolphin shots. beautiful.

  2. I love your daily photos, really give me a lift. I am not a surfer, not even that crazy about the beach but love looking at your photos…
    Many thanks

  3. Mate, that’s some crazy DOF in the windswells shot. Spend ages looking at it trying to work out where you took it from as the angle looks impossible.

  4. oh, so what now we should all rush out and buy a pod of dolphins should we mate? man could you give this blantant product placement a miss. nek minit dolphin ads down the side

  5. Yep, I was out there this morning and heard one of the dolphins telling his mate… “see that long boarder just shat his pants when he nearly collided with a dolphin… Teach him to drop in eh’ F@#in humans!’

  6. where was everybody today?

    pod of dolphins hung out all morning, wind dropped off, school hols groms slept in, 2ft bowls, all added up to the funnest surf i’ve had in yonks.

  7. Visitors to the bay this morning & Torpedo=)
    Awesome pics!
    It’s a shame I wasn’t up early..
    Hopefully the dolphins will stay for a while..

  8. Yours is the first Mail I open each morning, as I sit here in windy, wet and 11c, Ireland, overlooking the wild Irish Sea!! My son who lives in Bondi Beach sent me the link and I look forward to it every day!!! It is such a huge contrast between the two Oceans…….you are all so lucky to experience this wonder every morning….Cant wait until I vist Bondi Beach and call into your Gallery!!!

    Thanks for those wonderful wondeful shots!!!!

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