Bondi 6:50am, good skills



Like many recent days we once again have sun, waves and now warmer temps. I am wearing shorts today and the my twigs are gonna see 24 degrees hopefully.

There’s even a little wave on, the waist to chest high variety. Our newly renovated banks favour the right hander now. Good for the naturals.

Northerly winds will blow all day, 25 knots later. That’s typical of a warmer day.

This little swell should hang around for tomorrow.

Seeya :: uge

Monique March and Jehan Cullen

He's frothing

JJ dominating the left

South Bondage

South Bondi 6:00am, morning chat on the bench


11 thoughts on “Ramble

  1. Uge, have you been touching up the shot because there was something in the way???? Was some one duck diving and their boardies came down so you had to clean up the shot? Looks like the cloning tool in photoshop has been used.

  2. well-spotted Adam. that absolutely has to be some kind of image manipulation. the chance of two different splashes being identical like that is vanishingly small.

  3. Love the CSi investigation into two splashes in the photo from yesterday.

    Fish? Things dropping out of the sky? Ha…

    I rubbed out a big dude in the foreground as it distracted from the action.

    So there you go! You can all sleep better now.

    If a photographer in 2012 says they do no use Photoshop – they are lying.
    It’s like saying in the old days I don’t use a dark room. Photoshop is the modern day dark room.
    I never said I don’t use Photoshop – of course I do. Not sure why you guys are so suss on it.

    We are living in the most exciting time to be a photographer. The cameras and tools available now are MIND BLOWING.
    I just can’t believe what we can do these days. Rubbing out some rubbish or a honk in the foreground has been possible for about 15 years now.
    Nothing new there.

  4. Whats funny is people think it is all photoshop and don’t even give a second thought to the skill that has gone into the capture. When a shot is great photoshop just complements the image and in a digital world the processing of your RAW file is equal to you just taking your film to the lab to be processed.

    Top work Uge as always.

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