1989 World Champ - Martin Potter

Surfaid Cup

Today’s Aquabumps comes from the back seat of my car…in Manly.

It is the SURFAID CUP today. Ex world champs, wanna be world champs, big time corporate cowboys and 2-3 footers all come together for a tag team surf comp – all in the name of charity.

Come down and watch team Aquabumps win the final!

The southerly is up and howling. Conditions are super messy. Manly is quite a good option in this wind, just a little protected from the swell. Bondi would be pretty rogue.

Have a great weekend. Last weekend of Sculptures by the Sea.

:: uge

Nice couple, Tom Carroll and Dougie Lees

Local Shredder - this guy is on my team next year

Manly, a good option when the southerly roars

Ex Women's World Champ - Layne finding a peak to herself

Hoyo, old skool


One thought on “Surfaid Cup

  1. Just seen a clip about your surf photo’s at Bondi on National Geo. Awsome! Love ya work. Raining here at Tauranga Bay ,West coast sth is. NZ, surfs 4-6 offshore 7 people out!
    Cheers, beautifull work!

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