Bondi 7:10am, surfing is not possible today


Hi there.

It’s Monday morning after one of the best looking weekends of the year. Yesterday was mental down at Bondi. 20,000 plus people hit the beach in perfect weather.

Today’s a little different with cloud cover and a only handful of people down there. Today is not made for surfing. Perfect for a swim or pop into the Aquabumps Gallery 151 Curlewis Street Bondi beach (T: 9130 7788) for a little Christmas shopping.

This week : warm weather and small waves.

There is a lot of talk to what is going to happen with the Bondi Pavilion (the structure on the beach). There’s even an action group headed up by Lenore Kulakauskas called ‘Friends of Bondi Pavilion’. If you’d like to get involved there is a meeting on Saturday 1 December 2012, 2pm at the Bondi Pavilion Theatre. End of public announcement and back to normal viewing.

Back to work : : u g e

Waiting for a wave, you'll be waiting a while!

Rock on big fella

Sore back

Waiting for the boss

Bondi 7:00am Fluff on a very fluffy 1 footer

Bondi-Hive, yesterday was RAMMED!

4 thoughts on “B-Hive

  1. Thanks Uge – you’re a legend – again – and best of all its a chance to hear Michael Caton as MC and a panel of locals in a Q & A

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