Voyager parking in Sydney Harbour

Plain Rain

It’s raining this morning.

Not pretty down the beach. There’s a little dribbly wave for the very enthusiastic types. I’d pass. I even passed on shooting pics from behind the windscreen wipers.

Here’s a few images that I’ve been working on and haven’t made it onto the site yet.

Have a great Monday.

:: uge

Laps of the bay, Bondi

Geoff, heading out into the golden light of a couple weeks ago


Middle Bondi surfers

We're in summer now, bring these steamy days on

Little Sam riding a 12 inch wave

4 thoughts on “Plain Rain

  1. Uge

    Thanks for the daily reminder of Bondi. After 14 years living there and regularly visiting your (old) gallery on the way to yoga I love the smell, sound and feel of the beach each day I get when I see your latest pics. Now based in the French Alps our views are not bad either but the hankering for the ocean lives on. Thanks for keeping it mildly in check. Today, as with Bondi, not much of a view from here. Snowstorm well and truly in full throttle. 2m forecast in the next few days alone. White on white would be today’s composition.

    Love your work!

    PS I laughed hard at your description and pics of Clovelly the other day. My thoughts exactly!

  2. “Here’s a few images that I’ve been working on”

    How much work do they need?
    Do you do the miniature effects by blurrying the images on photoshop or by using a tilt-shift lense?

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