Bronte - nope, not much here


Today is another gloomy day down the beach.

The wind is still howling and the ocean is a mess. Enough said.

All you need to know about today is that the wind will start to drop tonight.

Yesterday was an exciting day at the Pipeline Masters in Hawaii. It’s down to Parko and Slater for the title. Mick is out.

All this Hawaii talk got me frothing over my shots taken earlier this year at Pipe. Man it gets big and heavy there. Rattles you a bit when it’s large and you’re swimming around with your little camera. Here is some b-sides from a swim on a 3rd reef day. I gotta get back there.

b y e : : u g e

Go for a run instead

Dare Jennings, founder of Deus Ex Machina

Pama and his new toy

Big one approaching

Wolf pack, Pipeline

Pipeline, big and nasty

Tight insider, Pipeline

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