Slight east in the swell and the Bra starts to turn on

East Tweak

Hi there. How are you?

There is a lot of good things to talk about today. After a cloudy start the sunshine is now dominating as we head to a perfect beach day of 30 degrees. How good is it outside now?

The swell has swung more east so places like Maroubra are starting to light up. That morning high tide was killing it, mid to low will be better.

I haven’t been on a plane for over 6 months now. That’s a personal record for me. This is my last report from around here for a while as I head to Hawaii for some swell. Love it there.

Speak soon :: uge

Clovelly, father and son

Blake Thornton, lighting up dunny bowl rights

Lost at sea for days

High tide wonk

Meditative rights

Kneelo got all the good ones today

Bondi Beach 10:30am - hit it!

11 thoughts on “East Tweak

      1. same goes for inflatable rubber rings, blowup sea-horses etc pls… last thing we need is them to start joining the lineup

  1. Hi – love the meditation one with the rubix cube. Can you tell me where that is located exactly? Is it in Bondi? Thanks, Marsy

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