JJ, not only has a good tan, but a good back hand whack


The swell has arrived but so has that pesty SE onshore wind. Sometimes onshore Bondi can be kinda fun, no crowds, little more push but I reckon too much blow today…wait ‘til she settles.

Tomorrow is going to be REALLY windy (30 knots) and wet…Sunday the winds should kick around to the NE and provide some cleaner conditions.

Today is your last opportunity to enter our ROAD TO THE PRO photographic competition. Some great entries in there so far…

Seeyouse :: uge

Grunt watching over the bikes - impressive new spray

Middle onshore bump, rippable

Wonder how long it took him to walk down the beach like this?

Onshore, 3 -4 foot, the odd fun one...

We are like ships passing in the night

Never lose JJ in his hi vis shorts

3 thoughts on “B L O W U P

  1. Ships passing in the night has got to go! We are ships passing greeting each other and confirming safe passage or maybe trouble! I am my brother’s keeper or i am worthless as a human!

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