Silver lining above a surfer, Bondi 6:40am from the water


When I arrived down the beach this morning it was really dark. Clouds smothered the light and the water was a creepy fluoro green, a colour you’ll see after recent rain and manky run off from the drain. Might change the colour of your hair overnight. People pay good money for that.

The waves were a little disappointing and waist high today. A short right in the corner seemed to be the only option. The winds were 10 knots from the East – the devil wind. That wind will swing NE and clean up the conditions later today. This week looks waveless for surfers – not much happening so do other things.

By the time you get this email the Men’s Quiky Pro 2013 will be kicking off (10am QLD time – 11am our time). View it live here. Our buddies at Land Rover are giving away a whole pile of surfboards signed by Kelly Slater…just upload your photos from the Comp (if you’re up there) to this Facey page and choose one of the three categories.

Onya, : : U G E

Surfing the rayz, Bondi 7am today

Sage, no hair but plenty of whack

I have no idea what is going on here, a miss shot come good! Kinda.

I need one of those that does turns on it's own. Ghost rider



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  1. Hey uge. I was down at bondi swimming at about 8 o’clock and a herd of penguins came swimming past. Is that rare at bondi?

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