South Bondi 6:45am, glowing hollows


I could live off a healthy diet of good light any day. Love tubes, clear water, rare moments…but in good, warm, rich morning light you can make the mundane come alive. This morning hosted the best light I’ve ever seen. Ok, at least the best light I’ve seen in weeks. The sky light up around 6:40am making my job easy today – just point the camera anywhere and hold the trigger. Luckily I opted for a very early morning swim before the colours arrived.

There a fun little right bank in the corner. It’s guarded by a tight hungry pack. No significant swells this week…not much over waist to chest high. Saturday could be fun at exposed east breaks.

We receive around 40-50 new subscribers to this daily email every day…yes, still. So I’d thought I’d mention we to all those newbies we have a physical gallery in Bondi if you’re in the hood. 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026 Telephone 9130 7788 and we’re open daily 10am to 6pm.

Next week marks our 14th Birthday for Aquabumps. 14 years of sunrises…and I’m still not sick of getting up at dawn!

: : u g e

Hit with the sunrise stun gun

Bondi, Glass sculpture

6 @sunrise, Bondi

Frothy Glows

Foam bouncing

Cutty glows

Sage, waiting for the shallow bank to hit and throw

Campbell Parade Reos

5 thoughts on “L U M I N O U S

  1. All beautiful, but glass ‘sculptures’ and ‘frothy glow’ are out of this world!!
    I agree about light, and how could you stop wanting to get up at dawn when you get this? Forget the disappointment of the grey days. They serve to make these so special and therefore have a beauty all of their own….Thanks again Uge..

    1. we get a few “artsy” pictures everyday that people seem to love. for some reason all the froth in the world no matter what color it is doesnt really inspire me. i love a great surf pic with a surfer in it! : )
      I also love the colors. amazing today.

  2. 14 years! Congrats Uge. I’m still wearing my “Aquabumps 8” tee-shirt!
    It’s fantastic to see an artist making it all come together for him and his family. Nicely done. I’ll swap you jobs any day.

  3. And Kudo’s to Garett McNamara. I quote:

    Garrett McNamara has decided to withdraw from the prestigious 2013 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards.
    The man who defies Nature in Nazaré says he wants to keep his rides pure and away from prizes, non-official sponsors and alcohol endorsement.
    “We decided to pull my waves from Nazare out of Billabong XXL because I do not ride for Billabong and I did not go out that day and surf for a world record or to win any XXL prize money”, Garrett McNamara reveals.
    “I was out there because I live for big waves, it’s what I love to do! It is not necessary to have a Billabong panel measure it. There have already been quite a few educated professionals who have measured it anywhere between 60-110 feet!”
    “Also one of my main reasons for withdrawing is due to the sponsorship of the Billabong XXL by an alcohol company [Pacifico]. I feel very strongly that we, as athletes, should not endorse alcohol. We are sending the wrong message to the general public,” added McNamara.

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