The greens of Bondi this morning around 7am


In comparison to the rest of the week today’s the poor cousin. It all began with rain at 6:30am…then the swell dropped to the knee high range…and only broke every 10-15 mins. The light was diffused by grey clouds and the beach was relatively quiet. The water remains a toasty 24 degrees (perfect) and the surfaces were glassy without a hint of wind.

Another lay day at the Quiky Pro. Swell is on its way so it’s going to be a good finish.


A new community based surfing fundraiser – the SurfHour Challenge – is happening in March. To be involved, you simply need to be willing to dedicate an hour of your time in the water to raise money for two great charities – the Gidget Foundation and SurfAid. You can participate in the SurfHour Challenge in your own time at your own local beach, you can be any age and any form of wave riding is encouraged. Register soon as there are some great prizes on offer including Go Pro cameras, a surfboard, surf lessons, movie tickets etc. Make a donation or set up a fundraising here. Make your surf count!

Have a great weekend. Surf will be small (2ft) both days BUT it’s always offshore and pumping at the Aquabumps Gallery 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach 2026 Telephone 9130 7788

Seeya, : : uge (just to clarify, my name is Eugene and have been labelled uge (pronounced yooj) since an early age. The “: :” dots have no significance other than I have written my name like that since I was a child purely out of lack of intelligence. While we’re at it, I use Canon EOS digital cameras (get asked a lot).


Board meeting

Bondi 7am SUP man loving the shorey

Groms have all the fun when the surf is tiny

Hair up

Grom on the shorey

Swimmer splash

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