Sam Macintosh, Tail Release, Bondi 7:30am

T W E N T Y – F E E

Can you believe that the water was a salubrious 23.5 degrees this morning? At sunrise it was only 14ish degrees out of the water…so, slipping into the drink was really the only option for me.

Waves? Kinda. Water was moving but mostly burgers…or closeouts. Wrong tide this morning. I didn’t see many waves above chest high. This week looks bleak…1-2 footers for most of it so today’s you’re only good option until another swell shows its face.

B y e : : u g e

Rick's afterburner

Kirstin Gail, see her out there everyday

Sunrise wave, Bondi 7am

Sam, wings out, lip grinds

Bit of lip

Frothy reos

Morning slider 7am


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