Bondi. 8am. Not pumping.

H u m d r u m

The south storm arrived last night bringing rain and southerlies. We currently have East swell feeding into town, you’d find waves around 4 foot at exposed beaches, only 2-3 foot at Bondi. You’ll need to surf protected corners to keep out of this wind. It’s not looking great out there – I’d stick to doing some work indoors.

A little uninspired down the beach this morning…barely anyone around…only 4-5 guys out at South Bondi in the rain.

Here’s some of my shots taken 2 months ago in paradise – Hawaii…

Bye : : uge

High Five. Jamie O. Pipeline

Pipe, big drop

How would you cope with this hanging over your head?


Jamie O's front gate

Crazy sunset hues

7 thoughts on “H u m d r u m

  1. Should’ve been in manly today…. Pretty nice day, needed a decent photographer to come capture some of the cranking lefts! Get your ass back over tomorrow, we both know bondi is gonna be shiiiiet

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