If you were to pick a week to take off from work, it would be this one.

It’s all come together rather nicely. Summery weather, Luke warm bath water and a healthy supply of south swell and offshore breezes.

Today is a cracker. Small, shoulder to head high waves suffering from morning high tide fatness – but really fun and some nice banks around.

The forecast (weather wise) looks incredible. Immaculately sunny all the way until Sunday and some big numbers like 27 degrees coming! So glad it’s a long weekend.

Don’t forget it is Mother’s Day in a couple of weeks. I had a chat to her…she wants something from the Aquabumps Gallery, that and a pair of fluoro rag and bone spray on jeans. She’s cool your Mum. She got style.

Have a good day. If you aren’t – why not? : : u g e

My mate Nigey Harbach is going into hospital today…see you back here soon

Mick's toes

What a start to the day - enjoy!

It's all about the rights this morning

Wrong side of that curtain

Mick Malouf in a cloud of spray, Bondi 7:30am



12 thoughts on “LIKEY LIKEY

    1. Hi Jase, you’re right. Was playing with DOF. Not sure why anyone would think that shot was a photoshopped image. Its a pretty straight up shot and looks real to me. Just lots of spray.

      Even if it was photoshopped…and I have the time to spend 2 hours on doing it…what a cool idea.

      Also, photoshop is 1 word not 2 Yuri

  1. was the composition, lighting and colours that got me. Really stands out from the others which are your more classic uge on a cracking bondi morning shots.

  2. Hi Uge,
    Big fan of all your pics. Look at them in school :). Just wondering, did you happen to get any shots of Australian Surf Titles?

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