Body surfer Sperling from Coogee got the wave of the day

Flab Slab

There is plenty of swell today. Bondi was breaking around 6 foot earlier this morning – not looking too pretty as the banks struggle to hold such size. We just don’t have any reefs around here that can take such force.

I went for a drive to a Sydney slab thinking it might just switch on, it didn’t really…wind and directions all wrong. Oh well, can’t be cranking every day – somewhere is pumping right now…somewhere…hope you find it.

I do know that right now it is pumping in the Mentawais. If you haven’t been I’d suggest you make the leap and book a boat charter for 2014. I have. I might even book 2 seeing I missed this year (hold the violins). Tengirri is the boat we go on and they can cater for small groups, fast boat, good food and reliable staff…(and they’re not even bribing me to say that). Go to

Bye for now, when this swell settles there may be some gold… : : u g e

Matt Griggs, back dooring a little curtain

Kipp Caddy and Tim Bonython

Slab nugget - thick one

Foam blast

Just wasn't doing it, won't open up

The Cape, big swell today, solid

Flabby Slab...on a right swell direction this would throw out wide

7 thoughts on “Flab Slab

  1. Hi Eugene, I would love to get into surf photography and I am about to purchase my first Canon DSLR. (Even though it is my first, I have had some decent experience using these cameras for work in wedding videography). I am tossing up between the 6D, 7D and 5D Mark III, which of these would you recommend and what do you shoot on personally for your surf photography shots? Cheers 🙂

  2. Uge, is this shots of the Southy? I can’t tell from the angle. Great atmospheric shots. There’s something unique about that thick winter swell in Sydney and the deep blue colour in the water.

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