A Starry Night

8 E I G H T

It was a bit chilly down there this morning. A lucky 8 degrees. The water was a welcome reprieve…being much warmer than the air.

There is a small wave on offer, waist to inconsistent chest high. Shallow bank in the south end has the most joy.

The forecast for the weekend looks sunny and small…maybe pop into the Aquabumps Gallery ’cause we completed some huge renovations and it’s now doubled in size. Yep. Doubled. You’ll see what I mean when you come down…and an amazing back yard garden is under construction for you to hide in.

S e e y a : : u g e

Robbie Walden, fiver

Joel, in pink speedos wearing jelly beans, doing a decent hack on a mal

Some hollow sections on the shallow bank

Joel, nice right

Nose rider

Warm in, cold out

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