Mr. Fluff, digits on the nasal


Hi there…damn chilly down there this morning before the sun came up. Only 7 degrees. The sand felt like ice.

To my surprise there were a few waves on offer from a NE swell. Huge lulls, but easily a chest high wave and very few people out there. Gotta love winter.

I swam early…and the toes are still defrosting.

Brand spankin’ new dead south swell will hit Wednesday. Looks solid.

Until tomorrow, enjoy the winter sun : : u g e

Paddling out in the burnt hues of Bondi

Shorey Flicker


Dawn surfer

Wet Edges

Good morning!

Bondi 7:45am, shack

8 thoughts on “F R I G I D

  1. Thanks for the shot Uge. Looks like I’m naked in the counterlight, which would’ve killed me in the morning freeze :).

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