Very, very small wave at Bondi


It would be very generous to say that the surf is small today. It’s tiny, similar to a lake.

Today is one of those days to do something else. I’m gonna get my annual haircut, tired of looking like a homeless person.

The sun is blaring…a walk, run, swim is definitely on the cards.

Chance of showers tonight. Keep that in mind.

Swell might creep up later today – keep an eye on it!

: : u g e

A couple

Swimmercam - looks like summer!

Oooooommmmm rights

Fishing off the Bergs

Karlos, Chels, Gezza M.W.

Andy, surfs everyday, no matter what.


A very small wave, but nice light

6 thoughts on “H A I R C U T

  1. Urge great shots but always the same people stop being so tunneled vision, point your lens to other people in Bondi.

    1. Hmm, that’s an odd comment Sloppy. Most people in update have never stared on Aquabumps before. Apart from my mate Gez and Karl – everyone’s having their first debut.

  2. Yesterday afternoon uge, It was so perfect. Not that there where any waves but It’s great sitting there with the pink water (from the clouds) and a great water temp. The Vibe at bondi is incredible. Ain’t it?

  3. beautfiul photos today uge.
    tell ya what you really make me appreciate living near our beach, if only I could be one of those cockatoos, or that dog, it would be better than this office, even if I was that big guys coffee cup I would be frothing, its been that kinda day…

  4. mate we get waves waay smaller than that, like, all the time! not sure you guys could handle ’em…

    lovely photos. again. why (oh why oh why) dont i get boo-oo-oored with this site? it is as mysterious as any mystery i can contemplate.
    t : )

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