Morning people see all the best colours

1 0 M I N S

I think I broke a record today for most amount for photos taken in 10 mins. Yep, I filled a 16 gig card in 10 mins whilst swimming. Never done that before.

The sky was bursting with colour around 6:30am (but just for 10 mins). We’re having such a good run with morning hues lately…I can remember a couple of years back I didn’t see a drop of colour in 3 months. There has been around 6 cracker sunrises in the past month!

Freaky weather – max 25 degrees today with no waves – hit the beach.

: : u g e

Bondi, shot from the water

Poppy WIse, logging into the sunrise

This building is normally white and grey - not today painted in morning light

She's totally distracted by the colour behind her

Poppy Wise looking for dolphins

Rock people, baked in morning light

Waiting in the Bondi morning gold, 6:30am

Vertical sunrise

4 thoughts on “1 0 M I N S

  1. Just love your photos Uge. Can’t wait for my daily dose! Keeps me going. Miss not being in Oz, just the best place ever.

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