Bondi, 7am, Team wave


These very good looking mornings are becoming the standard, the expected. Day after day I roll down the beach and it’s really quite something special. We are being spoilt. No wind, amazing sunrises and clear skies.

It’s going to hit a whopping 24 degrees today. That’s pretty crazy for this time of year. The swell is totally lacking and dribbling in at 1 foot – can’t have everything.

There are waves arriving tomorrow, around 2:33pm…a new south swell. Watch out for it.

For the 3rd season we’ve joined forces with Speedo to create a unique board short and swimsuit range featuring my images. Well, they’ve JUST hit the stores and 7 Aloha surfboards are up for grabs…how do you win a new stick? Easy. Just enter the draw after purchasing anything from the new Aquabumps range. Please note ladies haven’t arrived to our shores yet – soon. So fellas, get some new super stretchy Aquabumps board shorts now whilst we have all the sizes. Buy Online Now or hit a Speedo retailer. I reckon this range are the most comfortable pairs we’ve ever done.

:: u g e  (said  y o o j)

Half - half

Morning yoggies


Golden Stiff

Golden chat out the back, Bondi 7am

Crazy clouds over Ben Buckler around 6:45am

Bondi lines

The crowds of small Bondi surf

4 thoughts on “S T A N D A R D

  1. Ahh, the beach looks beautiful.
    I’m stuck in the heat of the city in Osaka, Japan. Wish I was home.
    It reminds me of Mark Knopfler’s song Our Shangri La: (notwithstanding we’re on the East coast 🙂
    “It’s the end of a perfect day for all the surfer boys and girls
    the sun’s dropping down in the bay and falling off the world…”

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