The morning magic continues…glassy, sunny, warm morning with a small wave pulsing in the south corner of Bondi. It was pretty quick, so I reckon more tide will provide makeable sections. High tide 1:40pm, low tide 7am (when I took these photographs)

The water was kinda chilly…I’d say 16-17 degrees. Can you believe it is going to be 23 degrees today! I’m gonna say it…that’s it for winter, we’re nearly in spring and skipped a whole season.

Great Ocean Road Trip

A few months ago we shot down the Great Ocean Road in search of some good waves with a couple of pro surfers. Ok, so we didn’t score the mythical Surf Coast epic waves but we went to some pretty incredible locations such as the Twelve Apostles and blogged along the way. Here’s a short film of our trip. Kinda gives an insight into doing my job on the road and how lucky we are being able to broadcast photos on the go. View Movie

Seeya :: uge

Poppy, waiting in morning magic colours

This image makes makes we wanna paddle out

Looks like everyone was going for a tube shot today

Pop, skim

Flimsy lips, Bondi 7am

K-Ron, afterburner

Bondi 7am, left from the middle

Smallest tube in the world, Brownie grinding in

10 thoughts on “M A G I C

  1. man sorry to be negative but the magic continues?? really. this has been easily the worst winter ever and looks like continuing. the pain continues

  2. Thx Pancake – big waves little waves no waves – waves for surfing waves for body surfing waves to dip your toes in waves for kids waves to look at waves to bemoan the lack of…

  3. LOVED the video! thank you for the reminder of how spectacular the Twelve Apostles are and to go see them again soon! Love your work!

  4. UGE – What marine housing are you using for your cameras? Cause I need to get a new one for a Canon 7D and looking for a good quality brand… Awesome photos by the way. They make me miss the home!

  5. Hi there… we have very ordinary streaming at my work… can you FB this video… so I can watch on the way home on the bus?

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