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Today we enter into Spring. True. I know most of you probably feel like that happened a few months ago. But it is here now, and looking real pretty.

Today is a cracker. Go outside. Bask.

Surf – nope. Still nothing. Later this week you will see some swell, but most days of this week will be pancakes.

I found a tiny rip bowl at South Bondi this morning. The banks are horrible at the moment. We need a grand storm to whip them into shape.

The largest newspaper in Chile did an article on Aquabumps. It’s in Spanish so I can’t understand a word of it – hopefully they didn’t make me out to be a chump.

Adios :: ugios


Ben Buckler Veins

Magic carpet ride, Bondi



Robbie Storman Norman and his little Gopro

AK, heading out in golden sunshine

Brucey Stafford enjoying a very good looking morning


Sage, toe dip

A happy Kowalski

5 thoughts on “P L U N G E

  1. Used Google Chrome’s translate feature for that article. Although it doesn’t work very, and as such leads to some humorous quotes, it says a lot of good things about you 😉

  2. I agree with Ben. I had guessed the headline was “A photographer obsessed with the ooh-la-la’s” but Chrome translated that more sensibly – and then gave me:- “It was not unusual then that was nine years old and his first table itself also began to endorse the routine, transforming the little walk in a version of the cliché Australian preteen, sunny living without major DNA so typical aussie . At the same age as coincidences arise . . .”

    and:- “Today, Uge speaks with an established property. It has a gallery where she sells her work at prices that can easily reach $ 3,000”

    and:- “a sequence of a single day and the events surfístico this blockbuster beach suburb, which earned him APPA Award” – that’s brilliant – can we start talking about people who are “surfisticated”?


  3. Good article!

    I’m from Chile and the article is fantastic. I’ve been following your work for a long time after a friend introduced me to it.

    Congrats and keep up the good work!

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