Jesse and her morning back flip

H A V I x A B

After a few stormy days earlier in the week we have defaulted back to summer gold.

This morning was real nice. One of those days where people say to me all morning “How good is this!”

I couldn’t agree more.

The water was warm, calm and the odd chest high wave. Good for a mal.

It’s Friday so the Fluoro guys were out in force.

Last night we launched the collaboration between Aquabumps and Havaianas. Yes, we have our own Aquabumps thong featuring one of my aerial images and it’s been super popular. You can buy them in the Aquabumps Gallery this weekend or online at Havis – go here for details

Cheers, :: uge

Danielle White enjoying the fruits of a summery morning

Bondi sunrise this morning 6:00am

Like a Tiiiiiiiiiger....

Haack man cruising


Charlotte Connell, wings flappin' in the breeze


Skimming down the line

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