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Rock Envy

It’s not really happening around here today. The swell has dwindled, the winds are howling and it’s raining. Sydney is like a toggle switch, either belting hot or stormy cool. Not much in between.

Once place I know I’d like to be today is Hawaii. The North Shore of Oahu is about to explode with a new, huge, rogue swell just in time for the comp at Sunset beach. Here is a quote from Surfline’s forecast for tomorrow “SWELL/SURF: 15-20’+ faces at Sunset. Max sets even larger and up to 22-25′ faces.”

I will be over there soon…real soon…and I’m staying a while. Enjoy these photos taken on past trips to the Rock.

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Ok, enough reading. Bye ::uge


Volcanic fertility

The famous Banzai Pipeline

Turtle Bay Resort from the bird

Fun sized Pipeline

Born from fire

Reef network, Oahu

Big front grill on Dane Gudauskas

Hawaii is not always busy

Big fluffy one at Waimea

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