Bronte Pool, 5:10am...a hive of morning people down there


A survey of over 400 adults showed approximately 15% are morning people, 25% are evening people, and 60% are intermediates.

I reckon it’s more than 15% for early birds around here…especially this time of year. As I always write, the wee hours are the best part of the day. The light is good, the winds are usually calm and we’re not distracted by mobile phones and email (yet).

Good, positive, motivated people are down the beach every morning. Everyone I meet is stoked on life and optimistic for the day ahead. A good way to be.

By the way, I’m not a morning person naturally, but the payoff is well worth peeling out of bed.

There are no waves today.

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Bronte,5:30am ladies taking a sunrise dip

Mel, the most complimentary girl in Bondi

Kinsey, training for the ASP World Tour 2014

5:10am, Bronte pool...morning person

Nice couple taking a morning stroll. Kerrbox and Deano

I couldn't possibly fit any more in this photo...

Big Dan from Texas

Not so sure about the water temperature (20.5 degrees)

2 thoughts on “L A R K

  1. Loved your inspiring comments about the beauty and freshness of the early mornings. In fact you spurred me not to roll over for an extra hour or so of zeds, but to get up and go see what was going on ouside. My knees are happier walking these days after too may days of running around Bondi going back a few years. Alas, these days, the precious early mornings at Bondi have been hi-jacked, taken over, monopolised by frenzied fitness fanatics. You can’t stroll on grass, prom, steps or sand (hard or soft) or even take a dip without having unpleasant close encounters with an endless stream of these fanatics. So if you want to experience the unique peace of a summer sunrise, you can’t go to Bondi.

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