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How’s ya tan? Been nice down the beach lately huh?

Yesterday’s howling winds stirred up some junkie windswell. Bondi was fat, fun and crowded this morning with head high sets. I’m hoping it gets better later on. I think it’s gonna be a full house though.

It’s a pretty full on time of year around Bondi. The big New Years’ Eve party is currently being set up and everyone has flown back from Christmas gatherings. Tomorrow night you will see 5,000 people dancing in the middle of the beach for the ‘Shore Thing’. I can remember all those years ago when it was 30,000 wide eyed enthusiastic kids and all the fences collapsed on the brink of a riot…were you around for that? All the toilet cubicles were rolled down the hill with people in them. It was hilarious. Think it was the turn of the century no or 2001?

If you like quiet Bondi…best head for the hills – she’s about to blow…


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Christian the Brazilian shreddingBUY

In Harry's previous life he was a radio announcerBUY

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