Bondi beach, shot this just an hour ago...go for a swim now!


It’s hard to believe that Bondi is only 8 kilometres from a major city and has such clear water (sometimes). Definitely not all the time. This is the same beach that was famous for an untreated sewage outlet which was closed in the mid-1990s. Can you believe that?

Well…today Bondi’s got her best duds on…crystal, clear blue water which is also 22 degrees…I spent the whole morning submerged. If you’re not swimming today you should forward these pics onto someone – rubbing it in. We are very lucky to live around here.

See you down there. Chuck the out of office notification on and tools down. You can leave the board at home as it’s tiny.

Did you hear the news that Kelly Slater has split from Quiksilver after 23 years? He’s starting a new sustainable brand with Kerring Group (think Volcom, Gucci etc). Read Slater’s post

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I see you little camo friend...

Chris's Skeg

Jules in the clouds...

BB. Under.

Clare and the mirror

Big board

Clean as...

Ducking under the clouds

We have movement

13 thoughts on “Under

  1. Absolutely inspiring images. Then pictures of the girls underwater are pure and elegant.
    Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to move to the beautiful waters down under.

  2. The textures in the stingray shot are off the hook. It looks like it is sitting on a concrete slab (which I guess isnt that crazy given sand goes into concrete). The rest of the shots are awesome too. Wish I wasn’t in the office………..

  3. So beautiful! I really like your underwater photographs.
    Feeling homesick to this wonderful place!

  4. Truly amazing! I’m speechless!
    Great job!
    Went for a swim today… it’s crazy how clear it is. So beautiful!

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