New Angles

Here at Aquabumps we pride ourselves on new angles…

Well…here’s 11 angles you haven’t seen before. No drone, no heli, no housing…just my latest invention from NASA called the big stick. Total investment – 20 bucks.

Tiny waves…yet perfect for the mal at Bondi…

The weather continues to be incredible. So good.


Rob Norman, taking off on big blue

Frankie pretty happy! Bondi 7am


Rob praising Horus, the Sun God


Fly boy - try work out what is going on here...

The right was perfect for the longer boards this morning

Nils, green magic carpet ride

Nice little rights this morning...

Hi Avis

14 thoughts on “New Angles

  1. Eugene if u want a higher pole try out a wolf tool telescopic pole from a tree pruner,there aluminium,wont rust,reasonably lightweight and extend up to 10 m,they have a mounting attachment too which u may be able to adapt….one of our favourite tools @ Rockgroup Exterior Landscaping!

  2. Fly Boy has run towards the wall at Bondi and flipped over into a back summersault….
    Do i get a huge picture from your gallery as a prize Eugene ill pick it up next week mate…… hahahah

    Nice Images Eugene….. keep it up mate

  3. Love the stick work Uge, nothing like getting some new angles! Love your work, you are an inspiration!

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