Pagai Gold

It’s been pretty damn-amazing in Indonesia lately. The swells have been consistent and the winds variable. These ideal conditions spread the boats throughout the archipelago and it’s easy to be surfing on your own. The other day I surfed 7 hours in 1 day. Haven’t done that in an ages, but when’s she’s pumping you’ve just gotta do it.

Hope all is good back home.

:: uge

Pretty perfect head high tubes.

The setup…as good as it gets.

Heavy little right. Never seen this place before.

Tim Macdonald, 5th hour in the water and at home in the back of the cave

My favourite right hander. Longest rides.

Tough day in the office

Backhand delights

Right or left?

The red lantern

7 thoughts on “Pagai Gold

    1. Totally agree. Particularly after this long weekend of average waves around Sydney. At least we’ve got something to dream about..

  1. I’m with D.Red,

    all this perfection on a drizzling onshore mush day in Sydney . Ouch!…..

    appreciate your honesty in describing that ‘little’ right as heavy. Indo always looks so much more benign in
    a lovely still photo than it does in the flesh. (just trying to reduce my jealousy)


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