The waves have been great around here. Real good. Only small, but as you know Bondi can’t handle too much. The banks have been very generous with rights, lefts and multiple peaks.

To match the good waves we’ve had huge crowds. Friday afternoon was one of the busiest I’ve seen on one peak. Mayhem!

Today it is small, like 2 foot. It’s clean and still working. Much quieter.

Looks like there is a big swell coming this Sunday. Red alert hell men.

I’m taking off overseas today. Yeah I know…I’ve only been back 7 days…but this time I am heading to London and New York. These updates will be a little more intermittent…thanks for your patience. I don’t normally visit the big smokes and prefer blue water and small islands…so it’s probably going to freak me out.

Bye :: uge

Robin Austin, smooth roundie


Bondi 7:20am, Water curtain

Spray man

Mietta Gornall

Joel, mex training


Paddling out

Light spray

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