Winter Sun

What a crisp, clean, cold morning down here in Bondi. Even though the waves were waist to shoulder high and lacking punch, it was a good one to be floating around. Tomorrow the swell will kick right up into the 4-6 foot range. Now that’s exciting.

Thanks to a couple of recent articles in the media (here and here) we’ve got a heap of new blood in our readership. For the newbies, welcome. You’ll receive photos from the beach each weekday. I’ve been doing this for 15 years now and yes I want a medal.

Go outside, it’s a perfect winter’s day with clear skies.

Not only does Derek Rielly surf tubes at Bondi as seen here, he can write. How about his article on SMH about property prices around Bondi.

:: uge

If only we were 12 inches tall

The Kowalski fade...

Warmer under than above, Bondi

The sunrise wolf pack

Magic happens, Bondi

Big red, Bondi

See him most days, Bruce Stafford


We are big on 'sharing' waves in Bondi

7 thoughts on “Winter Sun

  1. Hi Uge,

    love your pics and was just wondering whether youre also sellling winter sun? cant find it though and its one of my favourites


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