The beastie swell has dropped a couple of gears and Bondi is now surfable at 3 foot. It’s wasn’t very good though (I could be just saying that in light of yesterday’s glory). In fact I didn’t see many decent waves being ridden this morning despite perfect offshores and solid south east swell. Definitely a day to fire the whip and head out of town. Oh my, so many places will be lighting up this morning.

Can we talk about this weather – days and days of clear skies? Too good to be true!

Hey don’t forget we have a gallery in Bondi. Its open all weekend 10am to 6pm. Watch this drone fly through to see where we are situated and what our gallery/garden looks like.

:: uge

Big take off, Tamarama

Morning golden light

Tamarama, fools gold

Chris on a bumpy ride

Andre and his son Jake

Swans waiting for high tide

Young fella getting the shot

Bondi golden plumes

Anything out the back?

Grant and Sam, always setting new fashion trends (Faarrrshion)


3 thoughts on “Plume

  1. Great diversity of shots today!

    Eastern suburb families are real good looking.. Andre and Jake look like models from beverly hills !

  2. Thanks for the shot Uge 🙂 Just getting the hang of the new gear!

    Loved your shots from yesterday btw – looked amazing!!

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