Brass Monkey

It was one of those frosty mornings – 6 degrees. The beach was pretty much empty and there are waves.

Bondi was a little disorganised so I headed down to Maroubra. It’s 2- 4 foot, nothing amazing but well worth a paddle.

Big south swell hitting this Sunday…a whopper!


Blake Thornton, perfect approach. Dunny Bowl, Maroubra

Blake, Floater, Rubix

Empty left, Maroubra

Maroubra highlights

Camera shy, Christian Tan

Tail blow out, Maroubra


Rough rider, Maroubra


Blake scaring birds

5 thoughts on “Brass Monkey

    1. Two options Steven:
      Analyze the colour of the sky, direction of moving clouds, different patterns in the sand and how much the birds eat in the morning..

      Most of us are lazy and just check the swell forecast though 🙂 (Hint: swellnet, coastalwatch, magicseaweed, seabreeze)

  1. Excellent shots – Incidentally… your readers may like to know that the phrase cold enough to freeze the balls of a brass monkey – is a nautical phrase relating to cannon balls falling off the brass holder as they contracted in the cold weather 🙂

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